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Proacqlev IP Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of Intellectual Property. With a remarkable track record of crafting over 600 patent applications and successfully handling around 350 office actions across global jurisdictions, we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering top-tier intellectual property services.

15+ years of experience!

Our journey spans over 15 years of collaborative partnerships with prestigious US boutique law firms and intellectual property service providers. From multinationals to startups and individual inventors, our expertise caters to diverse players in the industry. Our team of seasoned patent associates, mentored by accomplished patent attorneys, blends technical mastery with legal acumen, ensuring a seamless delivery of patent-related services worldwide.

Practice Areas
Our expertise spans a range of cutting-edge technological domains:
- Electrical Engineering: Harnessing the Power of Electricity for Innovation
- Medical Electronics: Pioneering Transformative Healthcare Technologies
- Semiconductor Devices: Shaping the Semiconductor Revolution
- Electro-Mechanics: Bridging the Gap Between Mechanics and Electronics
- Computer Architecture: Architecting Digital Solutions for Tomorrow
- Computer Networks: Finding Pathways of Connectivity and Collaboration
- Mobile Communication Technology: Enabling Seamless Communication in the Mobile Age
- Industrial Automation: Revolutionizing Industries Through Automation

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to safeguard, nurture, and maximize the value of your intellectual property
1. Patent Drafting: Expertly crafting patent applications tailored for global submissions, ensuring your ideas receive the protection they deserve.

2. Patent Filing: Navigating the complex landscape of patent submissions across jurisdictions to secure your innovations.

3. Patent Prosecution: Strategically addressing office actions and examination reports to facilitate successful patent acquisition.

4. Patent Strategy: Developing tailored patent strategies to align with your business goals and fortify your competitive edge.

5. Patent Analytics: Gaining valuable insights through prior art searches, validity checks, and freedom-to-operate assessments.

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